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    Lean Articles

    Renewal as Resurrection – an Eye to the Future Open your eyes to a new level of performance – where 50 to 80% improvement is possible!

    Renewal presents an opportunity to reflect on your organization’s progress and make adjustments to align with strategic objectives, and personal and professional growth. 

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    Leaders, Managers, Your people need to see you!

    People watch leaders. From leaders’ behaviors and questions, your employees understand what is really important.

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    Moving Forward! Relaunching operations after Covid-19

    Relaunching operations after Covid-19 is vital for the company and its employees as well as for the entire community.

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    Lean Management et Lean Manufacturing Les techniques Lean ne donnent pas de résultat sans le système de management.

    Qu’est-ce que le lean ? Le Lean est une démarche d’excellence opérationnelle qui engage toute l’entreprise dans l’amélioration continue des […]

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    Lean needs leaders

    Many of our recent posts have focused on leadership.  We’re afraid we are beginning to sound like a broken record.  […]

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    TexOps testimonial

    “Having had some LEAN training back 10 years ago, we thought our company was quite LEAN.  In consultations with Productivity […]

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