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    Lean in Healthcare

    Improving processes to allow clinicians to spend more time with patients.

    Healthcare services

    Today’s healthcare organizations are under pressure to improve the health of their patients as well as the health of their bottom line. As a result, it has become essential for the healthcare and medical industries to develop an approach to improve operational efficiency.

    Lean methods improve quality, safety, and responsiveness while optimizing the use of hospital facilities, aiding with regulatory compliance, reducing costs and promoting growth. By examining current process through the Lean lens, you will learn to identify and remove activities that don’t add value and to eliminate wastes in the workplace.

    Lean initiatives will help your organization to:

    • Improve patient safety
    • Reduce infection rates
    • Standardize treatment protocols
    • Mitigate risk
    • Boost facility capacity
    • Reduce changeover time in clinical areas
    • Solve supply chain problems
    • Increase bed availability
    • Smooth patient flow
    • Mentor leaders
    • Reduce staff frustration
    • Develop teamwork
    • Streamline claims processing
    • Improve cash flow
    • Increase patient satisfaction

    Productivity can tailor an improvement program focused on the unique needs of healthcare providers. Our delivery models are team-based and designed to assist employees in learning, applying and sustaining the improvement practices.

    Case Studies

    Productivity’s consultants have worked in hospitals, clinics, insurance, and many administrative and transactional process settings. We use a customized approach that is sensitive to the unique cultural and process issues in each healthcare environment, and supports hands-on involvement by healthcare staff.

    For examples of Productivity cases and their outcomes, click on the links below.

    Therapeutic IV Drug Decision Support
    For: Children’s Oncology Clinic

    Nosocomial Pressure Ulcer (NPU Reduction Using Root Cause and Measurement Analysis For: 500-Bed Metropolitan Hospital

    Lab Capacity and Clinic Flow Improvement
    For: Hematology and Oncology Clinic

    Operating Room Capacity Increase Using Quick Changeover
    For: 550-Bed Metropolitan Hospital

    Emergency Department (ED) Diverts Reduced Using Data Mining and Standard Work
    For: 500-Bed Metropolitan Hospital

    Claims Reimbursement Improvement Using Waste Reduction and Standard Work
    For: 400-Bed Hospital

    “Flowing” Case Carts to the Operating Room
    For: 1100 Bed Metropolitan Hospital with 50+ Operating Rooms

    Improving the Supply Storage and Replenishment System
    For: Hospital Nursing Unit

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