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    Flow Management

    In the majority of businesses, it appears that the current state material, information and human flows have just evolved over time… no one ever took the time to sit down, think them through end-to-end and design them.

    Linking People, Materials, Information and Equipment.

    If you are coming up short on attaining your required levels of cost, quality and customer service, chances are you have “opportunities” to better manage your material, information and human flows. This is what Flow Management is all about.

    In the Flow Management toolbox resides a collection of methodologies that are proven effective in getting more than one manager a big promotion.

    Thoughtfully applied these methodologies change your game by providing:

    • Step-level cost reduction.
    • A logical approach to establishing product families.
    • An understanding of which product families are associated with which assets.
    • Ownership and accountability of the end-to-end value creation process in each product family.
    • Identifying the nature of the optimal linkages between assets.
    • A solid understanding of the true nature of improvements required in your capital plan.
    • Greatly streamlined operations.
    • Simplification of daily management.
    • A structured, linked, tiered communication process.
    • Flexibility to cost effectively and respond to demand variation.
    • The documented “current best approach” to create value for the customer at each process step.

    Flow is the ultimate goal of lean.

    It’s the seamless linking of value-adding steps, where people, materials, information, and equipment align effortlessly.

    Contact us to learn more about our approach to helping you establish continuous flow in your manufacturing operation and service functions.

    Case Study

    Manufacturing Lead Time Reduction

    Company: Leading Manufacturer/Distributor of Office Specialty Products

    Length: 12 Months

    Objectives: Reduce manufacturing lead time 20% for all core products.

    Major Project Activities:

    • Extensive operations assessment with remedial actions
    • Series of Lean management trainings for 20 Managers
    • Critical mass employee training in Changeover Reduction (SMED)
    • Cell Design and Visual Workplace
    • Facilitated numerous kaizen events
    • Established audit process with countermeasures checklist
    • Prescriptive consulting, coaching, and mentoring activities

    Key Outcomes: 

    • Core products lead time cut by >25%
    • Changeover reduced by 90% on target equipment
    • Overall output up 20%
    • Seasonal demand met without increasing labor cost

    Case Study

    Lean Business Processes Implementation

    Company: Manufacturer of Specialty Hose and Hose Fittings

    Engagement: 4 years

    Objective: Implement lean manufacturing in production and the office environment; 6 facilities.


    • Facilitate lean strategy planning and deployment
    • Extensive employee training in core lean improvement techniques
    • Site-specific plant layout reconfiguration to accommodate product flow
    • Train-the-Trainer Certification in Achieving Quick Changeover, Visual Workplace, and Autonomous Maintenance
    • Facilitate numerous production and office small-group problem-solving workshops
    • Project management coaching


    • Key value stream lead times reduced by 30%
    • Value adding ratios improved >500%
    • Changeover improved ~50%
    • Order entry time reduced ~30%

    Case Study

    Quick Changeover (SMED) Global Implementation

    Company: Leading Manufacturer of Consumer Products (Hygiene-Infant Care)

    Engagement: 5 years

    Objective: Achieve minimal changeover/make-ready time on all value streams, consistent with high quality standards, at the lowest possible cost.


    • Develop customized Achieving Quick Changeover workshop
    • Deliver 200+ Achieving Quick Changeover training events
    • Train 3,000+ employees throughout Asia, EU, South America, and USA

    Outcome: Results confidential

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