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    Leader Standard Work

    Building a Lean Enterprise in motion™ requires developing people capable of performing an array of practices which, in the aggregate, enhance building a culture of continuous improvement.

    These practices are often known as standard work for leaders, and include:

    • Gemba walks
    • Developing and using checklists
    • Daily management meetings
    • Visual boards
    • Quality stations
    • Coaching and Improvement Kata
    • Team structures
    • Non-negotiable team processes
    • Problem-solving

    Leaders as teachers

    Leader standard work is the essence of leaders as teachers. It defines expectations, making it clear through behaviors that something new is expected. It distills concepts into practices, focuses a spotlight on improvement, and highlights problems so they can be immediately addressed. It is the key to the establishment and management of a learning organization that allows improvement gains to be sustained.

    Leadership practices at every level

    Leaders at every level – executives, value stream managers, supervisors, team leaders – each have a set of standard practices that in the aggregate keep improvement efforts moving forward and tied to organizational goals. It’s the socialization of the hierarchy!

    Productivity’s consultants can work with you to develop your daily management system and the leader standard work routines, at all levels of the organization, that make improvement happen!

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