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    Lean Service in all Business Sectors

    Our mission is to support organizations in their competitive transformation by engaging people in improving, simplifying and rethinking their processes for a better customer experience, increased productivity and overall competitive advantage.

    Operational excellence methods work in all industries

    In 2004, we progressively started applying the key principles of operational excellence to service environments thus creating a practice dedicated to implementation of lean for the service industry.

    Since that time, we have worked with Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions (banks, leasing organizations), Laboratories, Aftermarket Repair Organizations, Healthcare Facilities, Call Centers, Manufacturing Support Services, Marketing, IT, Quality and Research Centers. In all service environments, the Lean principles can be applied very successfully, contributing to competitive advantage for all companies that have decided to take this path.

    Our consultants work collaboratively with clients to create a value-added partnership and transfer knowledge to ensure their ownership of the improvement process. The end result: new capabilities developed, profits increased, employees and managers satisfied, customers delighted.

    From laboratories, fleet management, to bank and insurance back offices, we’ve witnessed the positive and powerful impact that lean and innovation techniques have on organizations and their people. Imagine what all this experience can bring to bear for your organization.

    Call today, we would enjoy the opportunity to share business improvement perspectives and how we can help your organization achieve your goals.

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