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    Here you will find a host of information providing insights into operational excellence
    and innovation suitable for a range of industries and experience levels…

    #5 White Paper

    Leaning the Quality Control Laboratory

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to operate in an increasingly competitive environment, contending with issues that run the gamut from lost revenue from expired, patents, ballooning costs for new drug research and development, changes required by new regulations and other compliance mandates and...

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    Moving Forward!

    Relaunching operations after Covid-19 is vital for the company and its employees as well as for the entire community.

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    Our most popular resources

    TPM Development Program

    Implementing Total Productive Maintenance

    This book outlines a three-year program for systemic TPM development and implementation. It describes in detail the five principal development activities of TPM...

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    Lessons from a Top Innovation Company

    #09 Innovation Newsletter

    Nike is #1 on the list of the top 50 innovative companies just released by Fast Company. Twitter and Facebook are not, though they have been frequently in the past. Taking a look at some of the reasons helps spotlight what makes a company a top innovator, and when it's not in the cards.

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    Making Operational Excellence a Way of Life

    #01 OE Newsletter

    In October, Hewlett-Packard’s six-year run as the dominant maker of personal computers ended when China’s Lenovo group (owner of the former IBM PC unit) edged out HP in shipments of PCs for the previous quarter.

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    Catherine Converset

    Président Productivity USA | Senior Lean Consultant | Lean Speaker | Lean Teacher

    Lean Consultant and President of Productivity - the Lean education and consulting company which introduced the Toyota Production System in the USA – I moved from heavy industries before entering into Consulting and Education.

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    James Vatalaro

    Business consultant, research-developer, and author with Productivity Inc.

    Mr. Vatalaro has over 30 years of experience in building innovation and improvement capabilities with small, mid, and large companies found throughout the service and manufacturing industries.

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    Sanford ‘Ellis’ New Jr.

    Senior Management Consultant (BPL) with Productivity Inc.

    Mr. New has over 30 years of experience building value-add capabilities in service and manufacturing/process industry environments.

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