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    Here you will find a host of information providing insights into operational excellence
    and innovation suitable for a range of industries and experience levels…

    Renewal as Resurrection – an Eye to the Future

    Open your eyes to a new level of performance – where 50 to 80% improvement is possible!

    Renewal presents an opportunity to reflect on your organization’s progress and make adjustments to align with strategic objectives, and personal and professional growth. 

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    #5 White Paper

    Leaning the Quality Control Laboratory

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to operate in an increasingly competitive environment, contending with issues that run the gamut from lost revenue from expired, patents, ballooning costs for new drug research and development, changes required by new regulations and other compliance mandates and...

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    Moving Forward!

    Relaunching operations after Covid-19

    Relaunching operations after Covid-19 is vital for the company and its employees as well as for the entire community.

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    #3 White Paper

    Lean Practices Support Innovation

    To consistently drive top-line growth, leaders must commit to a disciplined and creative focus on meeting today’s market challenges while strengthening capabilities for future competitive mastery. It’s a matter of keeping the core business running optimally without losing sight of what’s on the horizon—and being prepared for and open to “creative destruction.”

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    Our most popular resources

    TPM in Process Industries

    Implementing Total Productive Maintenance

    Process industries have a particularly urgent need for collaborative equipment management systems, but until this book was published, lacked for programs directed toward their specific needs. TPM in Process Industries brings together top consultants from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance to modify the original TPM Development Program.

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    Improvement VS Innovation

    #02 Innovation Newsletter

    Why Innovate – Or – When Is Improvement Not Enough? Some people see improvement and innovation existing along a continuum, […]

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    A Maintenance Miracle

    Once again we are offering our highly successful Maintenance Miracle Kaizen event from March 29th through April 1st. For those of you not familiar with these autonomous maintenance events and how they might help you in your company, we thought we would give you some insight from a past event we held at Acushnet’s Ball Plant III.

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    A perfect Customer journey

    Talks of motion by Catherine Converset

    The customer journey should be priority #1 on everyone’s agenda. Therefore improving processes and better ways of working is essential and should be supported by Leaders.

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    Leading indicators

    Talks of motion by Catherine Converset

    Leading indicators – Leaders, encourage your teams to build the relevant leading metrics, and you will achieve great results!

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    Keeping Entreprise in motion™

    Talks of motion by Catherine Converset

    Keeping in motion - Empowering teams in all company’s areas to improve processes and ways of working generates trust and builds sustainability and growth.

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