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Here you will find a host of information providing insights into operational excellence
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#5 White Paper

Leaning the Quality Control Laboratory

Pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to operate in an increasingly competitive environment, contending with issues that run the gamut from lost revenue from expired, patents, ballooning costs for new drug research and development, changes required by new regulations and other compliance mandates and...

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#3 White Paper

Lean Practices Support Innovation

To consistently drive top-line growth, leaders must commit to a disciplined and creative focus on meeting today’s market challenges while strengthening capabilities for future competitive mastery. It’s a matter of keeping the core business running optimally without losing sight of what’s on the horizon—and being prepared for and open to “creative destruction.”

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Speaker at IOWA Lean Summit 2018

October 2018 - West Des Moines, IA

For the second year in a row, Ms. Converset was invited by the Iowa Lean Consortium to speak at the Lean Summit held in Des Moines, Iowa, in October 2018.

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#9 White Paper

What’s Missing From Your Lean Initiative?

TPM’s integral role, with 5 takeaways to guide your strategy.
Most business owners and general managers recognize just how critically important proper equipment maintenance is, particularly in an asset-oriented work environment. 

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Our most popular resources

Decentralization: The Future “What” and “How”

#18 Innovation Newsletter

The decentralization of manufacturing, of services, and of innovation processes is happening or at least on the horizon all around us, with great potential to disrupt major industries. It’s a revolution powered by digital technology.

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Loyal Customers—Lean Service

#10 OE Newsletter

What drives market share? Customer loyalty. Great brands know how to connect deeply with customers, and captivate their fan base by consistently, and sometimes ingeniously, balancing the triumvirate of Q C D (quality, cost, delivery). That extends not only to the product or service itself, but to customer service processes and attitudes that build loyalty.

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Invest for Success

I shared this experience with some of my contacts earlier this week, but wanted to post it here as well as it might be of use to some of our readers…

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Lean Management et Lean Manufacturing

Les techniques Lean ne donnent pas de résultat sans le système de management.

Qu’est-ce que le lean ? Le Lean est une démarche d’excellence opérationnelle qui engage toute l’entreprise dans l’amélioration continue des […]

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