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    Team Development

    An empowered team-based environment is one in which leaders provide the ‘what’ and ‘why’, while associates are given the support and freedom to determine the ‘how’.

    A Lean Enterprise in motion™ – a network of empowered teams.

    Defining a roadmap for change

    Looking inside a Lean organization, you find a variety of teams. Each team is made up of people working together within established processes to produce a product or provide a service. All teams are empowered and members are trained to use a variety of technologies in a continually changing environment. The people, the processes, the environment and the technology combine to create the necessary synergy to achieve quality, cost, delivery, safety and risk objectives.

    Make a true Lean transformation

    This network of teams, managing daily work, opening and closing projects, and solving problems creates an organic learning environment that keeps the enterprise in motion™ – continually learning, providing better customer experiences and innovating quickly.

    Improving team performance is a must for lean success. Productivity works closely with you to create the framework for team structures that accommodate your business, then works with your managers and your teams to create the dynamics (daily management routines, leader standard work, etc.) that allow the team structures to work.

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