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    Visual management

    Sharing information related to team activities.
    In administrative processes, work flows are hidden making it difficult for associates to see progress and define what needs to be improved.

    Make it visible

    To begin the Lean journey, it is important to develop a system for visually organizing the workplace to create a common language that allows all employees to identify process abnormalities and make improvements.

    Create Visual Standards for Administrative Processes.

    Creating visual standards for process flows allows natural work teams to monitor progress hourly, daily, weekly, monthly – so they can organize their time to respond to fluctuation in customer demand and staff accordingly. They can also gauge progress against targets and immediately see problems which can be addressed before negatively impacting customers. This is especially important for service organizations where connections to the customer are closer than they are in a manufacturing environment.

    Promote Knowledge Sharing and Skill Development through Visual Management.

    In addition to overall process improvement, visual standards make everyone’s work easier while promoting knowledge sharing and skill development. The result will be dramatic improvement in customer response time, productivity and employee satisfaction.

    Our consultants are well-versed in applying lean methods to service flows and will work collaboratively with you to develop and deploy a Visual Management system. Our skill-development training, coaching and mentoring services will guide your associates on their lean journey; building their knowledge and ownership of the implementation process.

    The benefits will be a drastic improvement of customer response and productivity, as well as of employee satisfaction.

    Sample Project Results (obtained in 3 months)

    • From 80% on-time response to 96%
    • 30% – 50% productivity increase
    • Backlog reduction: 60% to 80%
    • Overtime reduction

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