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Lean Manufacturing

Réduire drastiquement les délais d’écoulement des produits et services.

Drastically reducing product and service lead times.

A clear vision and structured approach to define and implement the most efficient Lean flow strategy for the company, tied in with the specific features of its demand and production.

A Lean strategy involves changing the fundamental points of reference of the production organisation:

  • Optimisation of lead and waiting times as a priority performance in the workplace criterion in the use and efficiency of machines and people.
  • Introduction of new flow performance measures and new performance assessment accounting approaches for the company.
  • Grouping together of products with even flows into elementary strategic production units (value streams) to optimise management, programming and economic performance.
  • Impact of the optimisation strategy of value stream flows in the development policies of new products, purchasing of new equipment and subcontracting.

Continuous flow: Reduction of waiting time and wip.

The Lean company controls its production flow to remain competitive and satisfy customers. This involves moving from the traditional batch-driven production method to continuous production mode, driven by customer demand, in which:

  • There is practically no stock.
  • Equipment changeovers last less than 10 minutes.

Productivity Europe intervenes to train and advise companies in:

  • Setting up production units
  • Kanban pull systems
  • Mixed model manufacturing
  • Production scheduling.

You can take part in our MIRACLE 5 DAYS AND 1 NIGHT WORKSHOPS or organise one in your company, to reduce your work in process and manufacturing leadtimes by more than 50%.

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