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    motion™ The Management System by Productivity

    Live the experience of motion™ by Productivity.


    • Your customers are your best supporters.
    • Employees at all levels know their customers and actively solve problems to better serve them.
    • Leaders team-up to prepare their long-term plans and translate them into annual objectives and work place initiatives.
    • Leaders and managers work closely together to set direction and a provide sense of purpose.
    • Continuous improvement and innovation in action.
    • An organization of networked teams fully integrated and enabled…

    What you are imagining is an organization in motion™, and we can help you get there!

    motion™, the management system by Productivity, is a comprehensive approach to operational excellence and innovation, built on 40 years’ experience and designed to… make improvement and innovation happen in every part of your organization every day!

    Motion™ the Management System by Productivity

    For the past four decades we have been helping organizations improve and grow. During this time, we have confronted resistance to change, lack of leadership commitment to the improvement process, unbalanced metrics, unclear direction, poor communication, and a tendency to want to go back to the way things have always been done.

    We have found ways to remove these obstacles and help our customers to achieve sustainable bottom-line improvement. Today, these same companies are looking beyond just improving their existing value propositions to engaging in innovation-focused activities aimed at developing new forms of value. Through these customer relationships, we’ve come to understand, that having a continuous improvement culture provides the needed foundation for developing an organizational innovation capability.

    Innovation is the result of an organization in motion™!

    Today, we offer a comprehensive system for implementation of improvement and innovation initiatives that we call motion™. This Management System was born from our collective experiences assisting organizations in all business sectors to reach their strategic goals for bottom-line savings and top line growth.

    motion™ by Productivity is a comprehensive, organic approach to creating a company-wide focus on improvement and growth through the development of a team-networked organization supported by disciplined and dynamic leadership processes.

    Starting with education at the leadership, management and team levels, the elements of motion™ by Productivity include: a system-wide transformation business case and strategy planning, a customized diagnostic framework, a maturity assessment and evaluation process, transformational road-maps, capability building training programs and improvement processes, a system of policy deployment, daily management and performance management, learn-by-doing sessions, train-the trainer programs, and a strategy renewal process. All of these elements are developed in collaboration with your leadership team; the outcome of which is a Management System tailored to fit your organization.

    Throughout the Management System’s development and implementation process, the rate and pace is carefully considered to ensure the organization can undertake the transformation journey while continuing to meet the daily demands of the existing business.

    Motion™ by Productivity is a convergence of all our consulting and training experience into a Management System that is our signature and your legacy.

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