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    Lean Management

    An approach designed for the implementation of a complete and consistent Lean management system.

    Productivity provides a comprehensive range of solutions to improve operational performance.

    It is based on three fundamental pillars:

    • Lead time reduction strategy: drastically reducing product and service flow times.
    • Stability of the process by eliminating any variations in the performance of process factors to ensure synchronised flow and productivity.
    • Team organisation, by developing team momentum and continuous mobilisation of people and change management.

    Team work

    Becoming a Lean and agile organisation means involving all the members of the organisation in team activities geared to fulfil the company’s objectives.

    The transfer from individual behaviour to responsible team dynamics requires in-depth changes in the way the organisation, groups and people work.

    Productivity Europe assists you in:

    • Developing the vision of the company organised into teams.
    • Drawing up a strategic team implementation plan:
      > Organisation of teams,
      > Development of empowerment.
    • The definition of management and communication processes of a team organisation.
    • The identification of priority, non-negotiable team operational processes.

    Change management

    The transformation towards Lean operation requires in-depth change in the way the organisation works, in terms of the reconfiguration of processes and workflows as well as in team work and management practices.

    The aim is to develop productivity improvement, lead time reduction and cost reduction approaches, which are at the heart of Lean, in a systematic and structured way while helping all people in the company evolve in the same direction, developing new behavior at all levels of the organisation: senior management, middle management and operators.

    Productivity Europe has considered people’s resistance to change in all new developments and programmes and understands that changmanagement must address both emotional and rational needs from a number of perspectives.

    That is why we help companies:

    • Understand the nature of the changes to be implemented
    • Define the implementation programme
    • Prepare for these changes
    • Implement these changes

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