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    Building Organizational Capabilities

    Operational Excellence (Lean or Continuous Improvement) is all about learning and building capabilities.

    Developing organizational capabilities

    It necessitates having employees that are empowered process owners who understand the organization’s objectives and have a stake in a successful outcome.

    Each employee must have a clear understanding of how their individual efforts link to organizational goals and the know-how to continually make improvements in their day-to-day processes.

    This requires that they have a good understanding of the foundational process improvement techniques and how to apply them.

    Empower Employees through Education and Capability Development

    We offer leadership, supervisor and team development services including; consulting and skill development coaching and mentoring. We also provide a wide-array of on-site training in the technical elements of Lean and TPM as well as fully accredited Lean and TPM certification and certificate programs that have set the benchmark since 2001. We can help your management and associates define their roadmap for change and understand the “new way to work,” thus properly setting the stage for improvement.

    Employee Driven Process Improvement

    The bottom line; the more time you invest in educating your employees, the better armed they will be to drive change in their own areas — attacking the most common obstacles and opportunities related to growth, margin improvement, system-side waste elimination, and RONA (return on net assets).

    Productivity has been the leader in Lean for nearly 40 years, and we can help you develop the capabilities of your organization by developing the skills of your people.

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