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    What is TPM – Total Productive Maintenance

    Making assets work to add value. To keep value flowing, and maximize your sales and margin contribution, you must engage everyone in establishing and maintaining equipment and process reliability.

    Establishing Stable and Reliable Processes and Equipment.

    Today’s operating environment demands predictable equipment performance. A company cannot become lean, or sustain their lean efforts, absent of reliable processes and equipment. In that context, TPM is a well-disciplined program targeting zero losses and the highest level of reliability and capability.

    Having fully reliable equipment is a pre-requisite for meeting customer demand, on-time, as planned. The overall competitiveness of your organization depends on establishing stable and reliable processes and equipment.

    That’s what TPM does.

    A TPM program is strategic, systemic and comprehensive, with multiple pillars of application. Its strength lies in the sum of its parts.

    Its implementation is an organizational process, supported and reinforced by leadership and management.  TPM fosters continuous and rapid improvement through employee involvement, team structures, and a closed-loop measurement of results to ensure long term equipment performance. TPM is a primary enabler to maximizing your return-on-assets.

    In the mid-eighties, our consultants were trained by the Japanese TPM masters and based on our years’ of TPM deployment, we have developed a systemic approach to implementation which begins with organizational readiness and current-state analysis and moves into planning and execution.

    Along the way, we educate management and associates in the TPM methodology, create leader standard work routines and an auditing process that ensures the program is continually moving forward and is sustainable over the long term. Throughout the TPM implementation we develop your internal TPM capabilities so you have ownership of the transformation process.

    For more than 35 years, Productivity Inc. has worked with leadership in most every industry implementing TPM. For those looking to leverage our experience, give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with additional information on our TPM Rollout and discuss how your TPM return-on-investment can be multiple times our fees.

    TPM Case Study 

    Basic and Technical Equipment Care Standard Work

    Company: Diversified technology leader; world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer

    Engagement: 3 years

    Objective: Implement TPM in 15 manufacturing facilities globally. Establish Basic Equipment and Technical Equipment care standard work; build high-performance work place capabilities

    Outcome: Reduced baseline-equipment unplanned downtime 25% (all-inclusive) across 15 plant locations; Improved critical equipment reliability by 300%. Building of internal sustainment capabilities.

    TPM Case Study 

    Deploy Company-Wide Lean and Total Productive Maintenance Program

    Company: Major Manufacturer of Industrial and Communications Wire & Cable

    Engagement: 5 years

    Objective: Deploy company-wide Lean and Total Productive Maintenance Program and internal Train-the-trainer Certification; 3 facilities

    Outcome: Reliability improved 48%, OEE improved from 48% to 75% on critical equipment, wire breaks @5 per shift reduced to 3 in 3 months, completed numerous equipment redesign projects in support of safety and the new improved OEE. Training of Trainers.

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