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    Operations Maturity Assessment

    Productivity Inc has created a proprietary, customizable assessment system which can be used in most any industry to evaluate an organization’s maturity and mindset, to better understand their capability to generate results and to grow.

    The assessment is designed to evaluate the leadership’s ability to:

    • Align the organization with strategic objectives.
    • Ensure process effectiveness.
    • Build a customer-centric organization.
    • Develop a company culture and an empowerment-based team organization.
    • Manage performance.

    This assessment will help Executives gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in their management system and in the company culture, as well as how those strengths/weaknesses impact:

    • The organization’s ability to deliver customer service and generate short term financial results.
    • The level of associate engagement and satisfaction.
    • The organizational capability to drive long term innovation.

    Assessments are conducted by highly experienced consultants in the context of an overall company transformation. They become part of the Business Case for Transformation and can be combined with detailed operational assessments to build a company-wide improvement plan, a transformation roadmap for Operational Excellence or TPM programs, as well as for developing a true Innovation Strategy.

    The assessment will then be used to continually evaluate progress to keep everyone focused the next steps of the transformation journey.

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