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    Guiding Business Transformation

    We guide organizations in their transformation by assisting leadership in structuring and deploying their strategy and in building their operational excellence and innovation system.

    We help leaders see and define company transformation guidelines, build consistency between their various initiatives and work closely with operational teams, management, and support services to improve their processes and develop new work routines. 

    Our philosophy is based on the confidence that well-managed people, aligned towards the same objectives, guided by a few key clear principles, will make the difference, and can transform them into a company of the future, entirely customer and service focused.

    We work collaboratively to develop customized approaches and work at all levels of the organization, from the Executive Committee to operational teams. From years of practiced experience, we understand how to engage people in a shared vision that results in fundamental changes to their work environment.

    We partner with organizations with trust and commitment to help them in these areas:

    • Strategy definition and deployment
    • Leadership and management coaching
    • Defining and implementing an operational excellence strategy
    • Building a company-wide management system: motion™, the Management System by Productivity
    • Developing an innovation capability – Innovation by Productivity™
    • Building a lean production system
    • Supporting cross functional and natural team projects




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