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    Our thinking – Enterprise in motion™

    Continuous improvement to continuous innovation
    ...a system in motion™

    Enterprise in motion™

    Organizations are human inventions. We designed them, so we can change them!

    Through our decades of experience working with organizations of all sizes, we understand that each enterprise is a holistic, complex system. And just as with any living organism, change, growth, evolution, adaptation, “motion”, are key tenants to a thriving, successful life; so too can it be said of a business enterprise.

    Success is defined by keeping the enterprise in motion. Motion is defined by building capabilities and execution.

    Many organizations have implemented a continuous improvement production system based on the Lean principles, and although good results have been achieved, in many cases these results are not always sustainable over time. We believe the reason is that the connection between leadership aspirations and the workplace is missing.

    Productivity considers that only a structured approach, aimed at building a system in motion™ can be a response to this issue. This system, however, must not be bureaucratic nor analytical, but needs to be organic and creative, cultivating the human side with the business issues.

    Motion™ Productivity’s proprietary management system

    Motion™ can assist you in developing a holistic system for keeping your enterprise moving forward by helping you in these 4 dimensions:

    1. Generating value for customers

    A company’s ultimate goal is to create value for its customers. Each person within an organization must therefore, through teamwork and the continuous search for perfection, meet internal and external customers’ demands and expectations.

    Successful companies continually:

    • Listen to the Voice of Customer.
    • Improve the customer’s experience and journey by understanding “Moments of Truth”.
    • Operate through simpler and shorter processes by reducing or eliminating all non-value adding activities in each value stream and service flow.
    • Measure and manage performance to see new improvement opportunities.

    2. Managing with humility and respect for people

    Today’s organizations are striving for transparency, relying on teams and networks, and committed to continually innovate and seek improvements.

    Management must therefore learn to:

    • Articulate, renew and share their corporate vision.
    • Establish trust between management and employees by removing hierarchical barriers through consistent and ethical behaviors and “go and see” attitudes.
    • Reinforce the vision at all levels within the organization.
    • Build dynamic resource and performance management systems.
    • Create the conditions for multi-skilling and performance recognition.

    3. Building a lean and asset management strategy

    Leaders are accountable for defining both a Lean and Asset Management Strategy aimed at ensuring efficient, robust, safe, and flexible plant and equipment, capable of reacting to new market requirements all while reducing the operating risk for the company and its customers, the environment and the community.

    • Engage teams in total equipment care.
    • Manage equipment life cycle.
    • Develop processes and equipment that are fully under control, capable, and optimized for the value chain.

    4. Continuously innovating

    An organizational-wide capability to successfully introduce new value to market reliably, predictably and repeatedly is based on:

    • Listening and communicating with customers to understand new market requirements.
    • Quickly developing new products, services and processes.
    • Mobilizing and engaging the whole organization towards creativity and new ways of providing better service.
    • Continually challenging, reviewing and validating its business model.

    In today’s competitive landscape, keeping your organization moving forward is paramount. Contact us to learn more about how we can help develop or strengthen your capabilities in each of these 4 dimensions.

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