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    Our Nearly 40 Years’ Experience with Lean in Manufacturing

    Success is defined by capabilities developed and deployed.

    Success is defined by capabilities developed and deployed.
    From operational transformation to continuous improvement…

    Productivity was the first organization to introduce the principles of the Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing) to US manufacturers in the early eighties.  During this time, we studied and worked alongside Dr. Shingo, the father of the SMED system, and Mr. Iwata and Mr. Nakao, both hand-picked by Taiichi Ohno to take the principles of the System into the Toyota supply chain.

    The knowledge acquired by our consultants helped us to gain in-depth experience in the application of Lean techniques and the development of continuous improvement cultures, which has allowed us to support global corporations in all industrial sectors in their pursuit of Lean excellence..

    For the past four decades, we have partnered with global manufacturers to develop their internal capabilities, help them achieve increased quality and productivity, provide better customer service, shorten product development cycles, develop sustainable culture change, and gain overall profitability. We are confident we can help you achieve your goals.

    We offer a wide-array of services including:

    • Business Improvement Strategy Development and Deployment
    • Global Lean and TPM Deployments
      • improvement strategy development and deployment
      • transformation projects
      • customized training programs
      • skill development, coaching and mentoring
      • kaizen events
    • Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced Lean Training
    • Material and Product Flow Optimization
    • Rollout of a Company-wide Cost Reduction Model
    • Site Capacity Planning and Expansion
    • Front-line Leader Development
    • Risk Management System Design
    • Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Programs
    • Production Preparation Process (3P) Training and Project Facilitation
    • Business Model Renewal
    • Innovation Diagnostic and Culture Change Readiness Assessment
    • Customized Training Development
    • University Sanctioned Lean Manager and TPM Manager Certification

    Our approach to operational transformation ensures a transfer of knowledge and ownership of the improvement process bringing increased value to our clients’ administration and manufacturing operations. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in reaching your goals.

    Case Study

    Lean Production Rollout

    Company: Major Automotive Supplier, Machine Tools/Fabricator

    Length: 1 Year, 4 Facilities

    Objectives: Improve Lean manufacturing practices and capabilities

    Major Project Activities:

    • Corporate, plant manager, and staff training in Lean management
    • Operations assessment and Lean program planning
    • Redesign of manufacturing and distribution software programs
    • Established supplier performance measurements and ratings
    • Employee training and implementation: Changeover Reduction, Visual Workplace, TPM, Cell Design, and Kanban

    Key Outcomes: 

    • On-time delivery from 30/60% to 92%
    • supplier performance rating up 30 points
    • set-up reductions ~65%
    • major infrastructure design changes creating needed flexibility

    Case Study

    Achieving Zero Defects (Mistake-Proofing) Trainer Certification

    Company: Global 1000 Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer

    Engagement: 2 years


    • Achieving Zero Defects (Mistake Proofing) training
    • Company-wide implementation
    • Mistake Proofing Train-the-Trainer Certification


    • Train 400+ employees in Mistake Proofing methodology
    • Certification of internal Mistake Proofing trainers


    • Audited (18-month) reduction of $2.5 million in COGS directly related to mistake proofing implementation
    • Recipient of the Deming Prize for Product Quality.

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