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    We Educate – We Certify

    In the Lean change process, everyone needs to understand how they can contribute. This understanding begins with education.

    Change everything!

    When an organization is looking for long-term improvement, this is what we tell them…change everything.

    From years of practiced experience, we understand that in order to achieve lasting improvement, an organization needs to create a shared vision and find new, more efficient ways of working.

    This is possible only when all forms of waste are visible, new techniques are employed to simplify processes, a sound measurement system is established, and changes are made to the existing interactions between all organizational levels.

    In a Lean organization, everyone learns, and learns by doing.

    Get everyone speaking the same “Lean language”! That’s what our educational programs are designed to do. In the 1980’s, we were the first organization to introduce Lean educational workshops and learn-by-doing kaizen events. Over the years, we have continuously upgraded and improved our training curricula. This has allowed us to continually meet the needs of our clients’ ever-increasing environmental and cultural maturity levels as they’ve moved along their transformation journey.

    Productivity has partnered with The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business to offer Lean Certifications and Certificates.

    These events are fully accredited and held on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio…

    • Lean Manager Certification
    • TPM Manager Certification
    • Lean Tool Awareness Certificate
    • Manager of Maintenance Improvement Certificate

    All public educational events

    …we also offer a wide array of onsite trainings.

    All of our onsite training can be customized to specific customer requirements to educate leadership, middle management, and process owners. We can also create customized certification and certificate programs to develop internal Lean Leaders who can, in turn, lead your organization’s transformation effort.

    ‘If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten’. Today’s fast-paced competitive environment and technological advances are telling us that the time has come to change everything!

    Click here to see more on our public educational and onsite programs or give us a call to learn more.

    All on-site training & skill development programs

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