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    Executive Coaching

    Lean Enterprise in motion™

    Developing the Lean Enterprise in motion™ requires transforming busy executives into Lean executives with a new mindset and a better balance between short and long term goals. This transition is not learned in a classroom. It comes from disciplined routines of application and experimentation within their processes and culture.

    Executives in a Lean environment

    1. Understand the need to “build people to build process”.
    2. Make it clear through their behaviors something new is expected.
    3. Understand what it takes to be a servant leader.
    4. Continuously reinforce the vision and the sense of purpose.
    5. Encourage people, provide recognition and provide focus on processes and results – people watch and understand what’s important.
    6. Are held accountable for learning quickly from disciplined experiments.
    7. Know that improvement begins with adherence to standards.

    To aid in the transformation from executive to lean executive, we coach business leaders in these 7 challenges of transformation. From deploying the burning platform to institutionalizing standard work routines, we will work closely with key executives and senior management to ensure practices consistent with their roles and responsibilities.

    We partner with CEO’s and with their executive team, in an environment of trust and respect.

    Our lean coaches, all former lean leaders, would welcome the opportunity to speak with you to learn more about your current state and explore opportunities to work together to create your “leadership development plan”.

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