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    Innovation by Productivity™

    When it’s time for your organization to “think innovation”, our innovation platform can help you ensure that your bottom-line improvement and top-line growth efforts are working in tandem and your innovation strategy complements your business strategy.

    It’s time to re-think innovation!

    Ask yourself this question: If you could remove virtually all waste from your existing products and processes, would that be sufficient to enable the long-term survival of your organization?

    In today’s rapidly changing economic and technological environment, the answer to that question for almost every business is “no”. To ensure growth, you need reliable pathways for creating radically new value propositions.” That kind of bold change requires a shift in mindset since you’re reaching into uncharted territory with radical new goals versus starting from the status-quo baseline.

    Innovation by Productivity™ – provides a platform for creating new value propositions aimed directly at top-line growth.

    Typically, people think new value propositions means “new products”, and it can. But innovation can also be applied to all areas of your business model. New value propositions can be generated around services, processes, distribution channels, partner networks, market space, and more.

    In our experience working with Global 1000 companies, we have found that most organizations set specific targets for growth, but fall short on detailed, substantive strategies to achieve them.

    Platforms for growth

    Platforms for growth can range across several types of opportunities, aimed at different levels of innovation, from:

    • Capturing all the potential of current value propositions in order to sustain and extend the performance of your present business, to
    • Building new value propositions that can generate earnings in the context of existing business models, to
    • Sowing the seeds of new businesses by implementing game-changing ideas that require new business models.

    Innovation by Productivity™ has been designed to help you:

    • Clarify the dynamics of your existing value propositions and business models;
    • Refresh them and create new ones, based on clear priorities and an agreed-upon scope for your situation; and
    • Create a meaningful strategy for top-line growth — and the processes, behaviors, and infrastructure you’ll need to execute it and sustain its ongoing evolution.

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