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    Policy Deployment – Hoshin Kanri

    Bring consistency and focus to daily work and improvement actions.

    Fundamental element of the organization’s ability to achieve a Lean performance is the clear deployment of company strategy and objectives.

    Indeed, a team organization can only be effective and deliver the expected results if the team objectives are well defined and consistent with the objectives of the organization.

    Hoshin Kanri is a fundamental and decisive factor for operational effort’s sustainability. It is part of a structured system, with fundamental elements in place: teamwork, a focus at all organizational levels on continuous improvement for customers, and a performance management system that ensures continuous monitoring and achievement of objectives.

    The success of Hoshin Kanri depends on three key factors: the levels of deployment, the company commitment to continuous improvement, and the maturity of its Lean management system.

    Initiatives and improvement projects must respond to a specific company or organizational strategy, in order to avoid any inconsistency between the projects, any conflict between the teams and the imbalance between the projects/actions lists and the capabilty and capacity to execute.

    Productivity has developed a consulting and support process to assist C-suite/Leadership teams in the way to best formulate and deploy their strategic objectives. This process, which is based on a preliminary work with the C-suite team, generates trust and transparency, pre-conditions of the Leaderhip team cohesion, allowing to openly define what is important, how to achieve it, and then to successfully deploy and plan the follow up. This is essential for the organization’s ability to transform itself.

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