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    Innovation by Productivity™

    In a rapidly changing environment, current value propositions are not enough to ensure your organization’s long-term survival. You’ll need reliable pathways for creating new value.

    Live the experience… Innovation by Productivity™.

    Productivity has developed a robust process for innovation aimed at creating an organizational capability to continually create new forms of value.

    It takes more than sustaining and improving current forms of value to build a platform for success in tomorrow’s business environment. Organizations need to explore strategic ways to devise new and innovative forms of value — not in sporadic “aha!” moments, but as an evolving enterprise capability. Long-term success demands that we work systematically to conceptualize, develop, and deliver new value.

    Fostering the capability to create value.

    Creating new value means more than developing new technologies, products, and services using traditional product development processes.

    It means creating an organization-wide capability to successfully introduce new value to market reliably, predictably and repeatedly, not occasionally or accidentally.

    This innovation process covers all areas of the business model —customer experiences, distribution channels, modes of delivery, partner networks, and market spaces. It thrives in organizational cultures that create space for new ideas and foster collaboration among employees and enterprise networks. And, most important, it requires the leadership behavior, infrastructure, and processes to execute effectively on key insights.

    Innovation at this level can help you create barriers to competition — keeping you ahead in a fast-changing world.

    This innovation process includes platforms for growth which range across several types of opportunities, aimed at different levels of innovation, from:

    • Capturing all the potential of current value propositions in order to sustain and extend the performance of your present business, to
    • Building new value propositions that can generate earnings in the context of existing business models, to
    • Sowing the seeds of new businesses by implementing game-changing ideas that require new business models.

    Elements of The Innovation System™ by Productivity

    Implementation Planning – First circle

    Understand the foundations of an innovation system in your company
    and get ready to go.

    Opportunity Analysis and Strategy – Second circle

    Create a rendering of the current business strategy and collaboratively explore and render an innovative future business strategy.

    Mobilizing and Deploying – Third circle

    Develop the plan, culture and leadership skills required to create active growth seekers and engaged experimenters at all company levels.

    Management and Execution– Fourth circle

    Build the processes that allow you to stimulate, generate and cultivate ideas that produce innovation opportunities.

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