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    Lean Techniques for Manufacturing

    Productivity has been training in the Lean techniques since before they were called “Lean” techniques! Back in those days they were known under the terms JIT (Just-in-Time) and the Toyota Production System (TPS).

    Lean since the late 1970’s

    In the mid-eighties, we pioneered training in problem-solving, changeover/SMED and 5S/Visuals. We developed the first standard work, cell design and TPM training in the kaizen format and were the first to develop Lean and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) certificate and certification programs.

    We have more experience than most!

    Today, we offer a strong suite of Lean training designed to educate employees in the Lean principles at all levels of your organization. Hands-on, results driven events ranging from 1 to 5 days…delivered at your site.

    From Autonomous Maintenance to Zero Defects, we expertly train the A-Z of Lean and TPM in the context of a Lean/TPM rollout or as a stand-alone effort.

    • 3P – Production Planning Process
    • 5S/Visual Workplace
    • Achieving Quick Changeover
    • Creating/Managing Continuous Flow
    • Kanban
    • Mistake Proofing
    • Problem-Solving with CEDAC
    • Standard Work
    • Total Productive Maintenance
      • Autonomous Maintenance
      • Focused Improvement
      • Maintenance Improvement
      • Planned Maintenance
      • Quality Maintenance
      • Early Equipment Maintenance
    • Value Stream Management
    • Value Stream Mapping for Administrative Processes
    • Visual Workplace

    We also offer on-site Leadership, Lean and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Certificate and Certification Programs.

    Customized Training Curricula for Your Organization.

    Productivity has a wealth of experience in curriculum design and training development.  Productivity Inc. prides itself on its ability to customize learning curriculums and design new educational courses tailored to address specific challenges facing your company.

    Our consultants will work closely with your transition team to step through the curriculum design process identifying and developing training programs tailor-made to meet your specific educational requirements. On-Site Training curricula can be designed to meet a wide array of educational needs, from shop-floor and front-line operator/employee trainings to executive education programs.

    Programs can be designed to suit manufacturing, service, and healthcare environments.

    What can we build for you?

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