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    Conférence AME (American Manufacturing Excellence) – Octobre 2018 – San Diego, Californie

    Lean in Support Services: Deploying a True Company-Wide Strategy of Excellence.

    At the 2018 Conference of the Association of Manufacturing Excellence, which gathered more than 1,000 participants, Catherine Converset, President of Productivity Innovation hosted a seminar on Lean in the support functions: “Lean in Support Services: Deploying a True Company-Wide Strategy of Excellence”.

    In front of an audience of leaders and managers from Manufacturing Industry, Environmental Companies, and different business sectors, who foresee the performance improvement potential that exists in the support functions of the organization, Ms. Converset presented how Lean principles apply in the support processes: Customer service, HR, Quality, IT, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, etc.

    She showed why and how an operational excellence approach reduces complexity and builds an efficient system in which customer service is everyone’s priority and generates employee satisfaction.

    • How to reduce order processing times by 50 to 80%?
    • How to increase productivity and capacity and therefore increase the capability to generate up to 50% more revenue?
    • How to reduce the software and development projects development time by almost 50%?

    Based on real-life examples, Ms. Converset has painted the vision of Operational Excellence in a company’s support services. She presented the principles of flow management in services, different scheduling systems, the principles of visual performance management system, and above all, she explained how this revolution in the way of doing things is based on a new culture of accountability. (empowerment) and on a leadership and management style based on trust and sharing.

    Conférence AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence)

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