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    Moving Forward! Relaunching operations after Covid-19

    Relaunching operations is vital for the company and its employees as well as for the entire community.

     “If we want everything to stay the same, we have to change everything! As Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa wrote in The Leopard!

    We must think about the way to restart operations effectively: we cannot imagine doing things as we used to do them. We cannot afford to relaunch processes with the time losses, the inefficiencies and the waste that have delayed and frustrated us before Covid-19.

    The need to get more effective and productive is there, as well as the need to respond to employees’ expectations. We have all said or read it: a lot has changed, and people are changing during this outbreak period.

    They have suffered, but they also have started thinking differently, they have put things into new perspective, discovered new solidarities. They have discovered themselves and perhaps also have gained confidence and a sense of responsibility.

    Therefore, Leaders, you must develop, engage and support new ways of working. This is how the real Lean mindset can help you: Lean is about building the capability to transform processes but also people. It’s about creating trust and empowering employees through more sharing, more confidence and more efficiency so that it becomes possible to start again and re-build innovative organizations.

    If your concerns and our philosophy are aligned, then let’s go deeper into the “the Business Disruption Recovery Process” proposed by Productivity, and let’s build on the Lean principles and spirit.

    Keeping your Enterprise in Motion!

    Catherine Converset – President Productivity

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