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    Feedback from the 2019 Lean Systems Summit – Portland 2019

    How to keep Enterprise in Motion

    Catherine Converset participated to the Conference for the 3rd time, to provide a Leadership perspective on Lean transformation.

    August 8, 2019 – Workshop : How to integrate Leadership with the best of Lean.

    Far from talking about Lean tools and techniques, this new interactive and dynamic workshop, created by Catherine Converset and Bill Maxwell, was entirely focused at getting a new perspective of Lean. Catherine and Bill have combined their experience to make leaders change the way they think, they talk, and they act about Lean.

    The 4 learning points:

    1. Understand and constantly explain Why you need to change. Lean transformation is critical for all organizations which need to take care of their customers and their people on the long term.
    2. It is difficult to change: only by creating a desirable path including emotions can leaders drive the change.
    3. Create the conditions for real empowerment: clarify and build the operating conditions so that people get the desire to bring ideas, feedback and engagement.
    4. Make everything visible. Leadership should support the culture of making activities, flows and performance visible, so that they can be improved.

    Lean is a way of doing things and of behaving every day. We have explored with our audience what being an influential Lean Leader is about and shared successful examples of the small and large things that make the difference! Very successful and enjoyable day!

    This workshop will be delivered again in Chicago on April 21st, 2020.

    August 9, 2019

    Presentation : Why Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment), a Key Pillar of your Lean Management System, is critical in deploying a True Company-Wide Strategy of Excellence.

    In an organization that wants to engage people into continuous improvement, providing a sense of purpose and building alignment between all functions are essential to focus the efforts of everyone. Catherine wanted to share her experience acquired by working with many different companies, in Manufacturing but also in Service Industry.

    During this 75 min presentation, participants have learned:

    1. What is the Hoshin Kanri process: a Top-Down deployment of Vision and Objectives, but also a Bottom-Up system to review performance and progress, in all departments.
    2. How to use the X-Matrix: a good structured process helping managers at each level make the link between results and actions.
    3. A practical way to implement the Hoshin Kanri process: through a case study, we have seen how to align projects in Marketing/Quality and Operations with the Strategic Initiatives defined at Executive level.

    This has generated a high level of interest from Lean Leaders or Leaders in companies which are engaged in the Lean transformation.

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