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    Create Lean Mindsets & Behaviors

    Creating a teamwork culture

    Developing a trusting climate, promoting personal development, empowering employees to manage the continuous improvement process.

    Our experience shows that improvement initiatives, when conducted at the right pace and in the right context, engage personnel in a teamwork and continuous improvement culture by providing a clear vision and establishing clear team goals. This provides the foundation for teams to work and think together about how to improve their skills and simplify processes.

    Developing a culture of teamwork and problem solving requires managerial support as associates transition from ‘technical experts’ – understanding how to accomplish their tasks – to ‘leaders that everyone wants to follow’ – working to maximize the entire system.

    Creating an empowered team-based environment in which managers provide the ‘what’ and ‘why’, while associates are given the support and freedom to determine the ‘how’ results in reduced absenteeism, an improvement in employee satisfaction, and a new way to manage personal development.

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