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    Delivering End-to-End Operations Productivity

    Our mission

    From Continuous Improvement to Continuous Innovation.

    For nearly 40 years, we have been providing consulting and training services to worldwide Manufacturing and Service Organizations, to build their capabilities to keep in motion.

    Talks of motion

    #1 White Paper

    Lean Leadership

    Les étapes pragmatiques de la mise en oeuvre du Lean. La plupart des problèmes rencontrés correspondent aux difficultés que la plupart d’entre nous connaissons déjà et auxquelles nous faisons face depuis plusieurs années…

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    Drawing on Data for Innovation

    #16 Innovation Newsletter

    Innovation is what we need to drive growth, but what defines it? It can mean the pursuit of just about anything new. If you want to innovate as a company, you need a grasp of what it means to you. Otherwise, you risk having your strategic growth efforts become dissolute and unproductive.

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    Guiding Transformation

    Transform your business, stay ahead of the competition, keep your enterprise in motion. Create long term capabilities, keep your enterprise in motion to grow and improve bottom-line results.

    Top ressources

    5 Principles to Align Your Organization into Excellence
    LEAN IN LABORATORIES - SPRING 2021 - 5-Day Virtual Program

    Leadership Development

    Your people make the difference. Build leaders at every level. Becoming the master and sculpture of your own journey. Making it all work!

    Top ressources

    Beyond the Improvement Strategy
    "Intrapraneuring"-It Takes a System


    Catherine Converset

    Président Productivity USA | Senior Lean Consultant | Lean Speaker | Lean Teacher

    Lean Consultant and President of Productivity - the Lean education and consulting company which introduced the Toyota Production System in the USA – I moved from heavy industries before entering into Consulting and Education.

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    James Vatalaro

    Business consultant, research-developer, and author with Productivity Inc.

    Mr. Vatalaro has over 30 years of experience in building innovation and improvement capabilities with small, mid, and large companies found throughout the service and manufacturing industries.

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    Leader Standard Work

    These practices are often known as standard work for leaders, and include: Gemba walks Developing and using checklists Daily management […]

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