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    A 5-Day Virtual Certificate Program - May 13-17, 2024

    Learn how the Lean fundamentals and a Lean mindset apply to reduce lead time, eliminate quality issues and expedite the batch release process. The result: a 50 to 90% performance improvement plus an energized Visual Laboratory workplace.

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    This is a Virtual Live Consultant-led Education Program.
    Pharmaceuticals, Human and Animal Healthcare, Bio-tech environments, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Food industries, R&D…

    The Lean Laboratory certificate program is a 5-day fully accredited program designed to start you on the path to continuous improvement in your lab! Learn how to manage flows and eliminate backlogs, rework, and other inefficiencies while improving service to production, supply chain and customers and increasing employee satisfaction.

    Why is Lean important in lab environments?

    Because a laboratory is involved at each step of the Value Stream — incoming materials and goods, work-in-process, and semi-finished and finished products — delays and errors have a negative impact on the entire organization. Therefore, speed, reliability, and quality, i.e., lab efficiency, directly impact overall organizational efficiency, as well as costs and the ability to meet customer demand.

    Furthermore, specialized skills needed in the laboratory make it especially devastating for the organization when individual technicians leave due to an inefficient stressful process and environment.

    Applying Lean in a lab environment helps alleviate inefficiencies by:

    • Improving end-to-end processes (Value Streams)
    • Underscoring demand and its variability
    • Scheduling analysis flows based on demand
    • Defining resources required
    • Creating and sharing standards to reduce rework


    • Creating a working environment based on trust, empowerment, and teamwork
    • Upskilling through cross-training
    • Developing problem-solving skills

    The Lean Lab concepts apply to all laboratories, including Production Labs, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and R&D.


    Discover how Lean can help:

    • Continuously improve customer satisfaction by improving quality at the source and reducing lead time for your customers
    • Systemically and repeatedly identify process inefficiencies so they can be reviewed and eliminated
    • Eliminate back-logs and failure demand – the work created when an activity is not carried out correctly the first time
    • Level the analysis flows to respond to incoming demand
    • Reduce absenteeism and turnover by creating more value-added work
    • Make processes visible so everyone can monitor daily progress to achieve improvement goals
    • Increase process capacity so more value-adding work can be performed with existing resources


    You will understand how these principles apply to your laboratory processes and how you can develop your “leadership legacy” through the implementation of these Lean approaches.

    Upon completing this 5-day program, you will be awarded the Lean Laboratory Improvement Certificate.


    Monday 8am-5pm

    • Lean Fundamentals in Labs Environments
    • A3 Thinking
    • High Level Process Mapping
    • Learning to See Waste in Labs

    Tuesday 8am – 5pm

    • Mapping and Improving the Value Streams
    • Understanding Incoming Laboratory Demand
    • Defining Product Families in Laboratories

    Wednesday 8am – 5pm

    • Planning and Scheduling to Optimize Man and Equipment Time
    • Building Visual Management for Analysis Flows and Lab Activities
    • Workplace & System Organization: 5S’s, Visual Standards and Standardized Work for Process Stability

    Thursday 8am – 5pm

    • Reducing Set-up Times
    • Establishing metrics: Leading and Lagging KPI’s
    • Daily Performance Management
    • Team-Based Problem-Solving

    Friday 8am – 12pm

    • Week in Review
    • Taking it Back Home: Outlining Your Implementation Roadmap


    “We have been able to reach all our targets in 2019, and this is mostly due to the Lean Lab program which has made us capable of guaranteeing 24hr response time to our customers.”
    Laurent G., Managing Director Finance – Synlab Analytics & Services

    “…your support…has allowed us to build solid fundamentals in Visual Management and Lean Labs, ….instrumental to our plant being awarded the Shingo prize…”
    Amayas B., Global Manufacturing Performance Senior Director – Ipsen Pharma Biotech Techops Division

    “It (Lean Labs) is so great. Everything has changed.”
    Sophie S., Quality Director – Aoste

    “Through Lean Labs, I have become another person, and a real manager.”
    Francoise A., Laboratory Manager – Aoste

    ABOUT YOUR Teacher

    Catherine Converset
    Président Productivity USA | Senior Lean Consultant | Lean Speaker | Lean Teacher



    Productivity Inc. is a leading consulting and training firm that helps organizations build new capabilities, save money, and grow. We focus on three progressive strategies: Operational Excellence, Innovation and Leadership Development.

    Working together, these strategies provide the means to continually refresh a company’s value proposition while making the organizational changes needed for daily improvement and sustainable growth.

    We pioneered the implementation of Lean and TPM methodologies in manufacturing in the late 1970s. Since then, we have extended these methodologies across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, and other service industries.

    Today, our time-tested management system, motion™ provides organizations with:

    • a uniquely comprehensive approach to implementing Lean across an entire enterprise, incorporating assessment, leadership, and business renewal.
    • a robust process for innovation to develop an organization-wide capability to create new forms of value – reliably, predictably, repeatedly.

    More than simply a Lean consulting firm, Productivity Inc. can provide you with a variety of methodologies to keep your enterprise in motion™.


    Since 1916, The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business has produced exceptional leaders who meet the challenges of a changing global business environment through creative and effective solutions. As a result, Fisher’s reputation continues to rise and is reflected in rankings which place the college among the top 15 Business Schools in the nation at the undergraduate and graduate levels of public universities.

    Today, Fisher College of Business Executive Education continues to provide growth opportunities to business professionals seeking to increase their knowledge, insights and intuition. Their executive-level degree programs are comprehensive, integrative and examine today’s issues from every angle to give you a total business perspective.



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    Lean in Laboratories – Certificate Program
    A 5-Day Virtual Certificate Program

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