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    Business Sectors: Services / Government

    Service Industry Public Educational Events

    – Webinar – The Power of Lean in Admin and Support Functions

    …discover the improvement opportunities in your service processes, in this discussion with Catherine Converset.

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    Service Industry Public Educational Events

    LEAN IN LABORATORIES - 2022 - 5-Day Virtual Program

    August 22-26, 2022 – A 5-day Lean Certificate Program

    Learn how the Lean fundamentals and a Lean mindset apply to reduce lead time, eliminate quality issues and expedite the batch release process.
    The result: a 50 to 90% performance improvement plus an energized Visual Laboratory workplace.

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    Service Industry Public Educational Events

    Lean Management Certification for Administration and Services – 2022 - Columbus, OH

    Spring 2022 - Week 1: March 28-April 1 / Week 2: April 25-29 / Week 3: May 23-27

    This program develops resources capable of leading/managing a Lean transformation in your service or administrative environment and is designed for senior and middle managers looking to drive waste from their processes to boost enterprise-wide performance and improve customer service. This is a fully-accredited certification designed specifically for administrative and service industry professionals.

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    Service Industry Public Educational Events

    SERVICE AND ADMIN IMPROVEMENT- FALL 2022 - Ohio State University Campus - Columbus OH

    2022 Sept 26-30 – A 5-day program

    Provide an understanding of the foundational Lean techniques specifically designed for application in a service organization or manufacturing service environment. Designed for service and administrative managers looking to start a Lean effort in their organization.

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    Service Industry Manufacturing Industry Public Educational Events

    The Lean Lab: Improving Efficiencies and Effectiveness - Live 6-hour Seminar

    A live 6-hour virtual seminar - October 6, 2022 – 10:30am-5:30pm US Eastern time

    Applying Lean methods and mindsets to your lab operations will speed throughput, expand capacity, improve customer service, reinforce expertise, and provide a better working environment for associates. Turning your quality control and R&D labs into a strategic advantage for your organization.

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