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    Culture Change

    Transform your organization

    Cutting Costs in not an answer. Technology is only part of the answer. The answer is in making the organization work differently and develop a new culture.

    What is Culture

    A set of principles and behaviors expected, supported and reinforced at all levels of the organization by the largest number of people.

    Lean is about building a company improvement culture, in which the expected behaviors are:

    • Think in terms of customers;
    • Create Value along the whole value Chain;
    • Make it visible;
    • Work together;
    • Create standards and improve standards.

    This requires building teamwork and creating the conditions for sustainability through a structured leadership long term focus.

    “Why Transformation Efforts Fail” (John P. Kotter, Harvard Business Review)

    Error #1
    Not Establishing A Sufficient Sense Of Urgency

    Error #2
    Not Creating A Powerful Enough Leadership Coalition

    Error #3
    Not Creating A Vision

    Error #4
    Under-communicating By A Factor Of 10

    Error #5
    Not Removing Obstacles To The Vision

    Error #6
    Not Systematically Planning For And Creating Short-term Wins

    Error #7
    Declaring Victory Too Soon

    Error #8
    Not Anchoring Changes In The Culture

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