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    Editorial – Nov 24, 2021

    For Leaders, the First Strategic Focus should be Building the Conditions of Serving the Customers!

    The leaders of all companies today should have two First Top Priorities:

    • their Clients
    • The People in their organization.

    I am always amazed to see that many leaders consider Processes and People to be the business of the Director of Operations or Production. They do not see this as part of their strategic priorities.

    In reality, the first company Strategy is to be able to provide an impeccable service to customers, not only at final product delivery, but throughout the overall journey that the customer takes with the company (Customer Experience).

    And this is only possible if the men and women of the organization are all together committed to constantly improving the company’s processes to better serve their customers. With energy, with desire and with satisfaction, in an organization that takes care of them, respects them and makes them grow.

    This requires a clear Strategy and a constant Leadership focus.

    This is why Managers, members of the management committee, take the time to listen to the pulse of your organization and reflect on the transformations required and decide how to make that happen.

    Catherine Converset – President Productivity


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